The Ventura lab is the graphic design studio at Elena Trevino Design. Our ingredients are creativity, in-born talent, passion for perfection and our commitment, service and attitude.

For 19 years, Elena Trevino Design has combined the art of creativity and the science of marketing to give clients in Ventura, California and Los Angeles the powerful edge they need:

We practice the art of listening:

  • As our client, you have a story to tell. Our job is to communicate your story visually.
  • We measure success by how well we advance your marketing objectives, not by how much our peers praise our cool design. You mean business and so do we.

Our secret potion is our passion:

  • We are committed to client success, so as deadlines loom and budgets get ugly, we stay focused so you get what you need, when you need it.
  • We love what we do, so we don’t compromise on quality and creativity. We stand proud of our portfolio and our clients’ success.